White House Market Is Shutting Down


The administrators of White House Market have announced that the site is being shut down. the administration team left the following signed message:

We have reached our goal and now, according to plan, it’s
time to for us to retire.

Effective immediately user registration and ordering have
been disabled, everything else (yes, withdrawals included)
is working as usual.

We will keep the market online for a limited time until
open orders are finalized, disputes handled and coins
withdrawn. We don’t know how long that will take but
don’t expect to come back 6 months from now and find the
market up.

All market rules are still in effect so users (both
buyers and vendors) should not try to take advantage
of the situation and scam, the feedback system is still
working and will be shared with Recon and other markets.

Because this week’s featured listings and stickies won’t
generate any revenue vendors who paid for them will be
refunded via their market wallet.

Vendors can now advertise the markets where they operate
on their vendor profiles however direct contacts are still

For alternative markets check out /d/Superlist on Dread, the
ones listed there are established and going strong. Keep in mind
any market can disappear at any time and for what ever
reason (exit scam, law enforcement operation, hack, technical
issue and so on) but markets like Monopoly (true wallet-less,
direct deal) and Versus (enforced multisig) greatly minimize
damage. You can also give a chance to new markets, we all
have to start somewhere.

Thanks everybody for your business, trust, support and of
course for placing decent amounts of money in our pockets.
We may come back some time in the future with a different
project or we may not. Meanwhile be on the lookout for phishing
or copycats, if it’s not signed by us it’s not us.

Good luck and stay safe.

So there will be no exit scam and all funds and data is safe for the remaining time. As an alternative, we recommend users to use alternate sites such as Vice City Market.