Darknet Market of the Week: Valid Dumps

09/15/2022Darknet News

This week our choice for dark web market of the week is the card shop Valid Dumps. There are many card shops but Valid Dumps always stood out because of its reliability and stability. Not only that, but Valid Dumps also offers a fairly large amount of fullz, dumps and mixpacks. Valid Dumps also offers a bulk buying option for cheaper prices. However, note that you will have to deposit $10 to browse the market. While this may seem inconvenient for new users, it is a sensible system to prevent scammers and non-serious people away from the market. You can deposit with either Bitcoin or Litecoin.

Shop Features

Valid Dumps provides dumps in addition to a CVV section where you can locate individual credit cards with complete owner details. As with other card stores, you can use the search query to limit the results by BINs and ZIPs as well as other variables like nation and card level in addition to the card type and card level presented.

You may find a variety of credit card bundles in the Mix packs section; this section is routinely updated, so be sure to check back often. You may access them through the mix packs category. There are also ongoing regular mix pack auctions where you can place a bid while they are open. Additionally, you have the choice to purchase BINs in bulk. To do this, simply enter a BIN that qualifies and click “search” in the “Buy Bulk” area.

Why Valid Dumps?

Valid Dumps is a great site to browse for credit cards, especially if you’re shopping for dumps. Additionally, the auctions frequently have good offers, particularly when there aren’t many other interested purchasers. Another benefit of this carding shop is the website’s user-friendly interface and short deposit times (just one confirmation for bitcoin and litecoin is required).

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