The Best Dark Web Card Shops

09/09/2022Darknet News, Uncategorized

In the last few years dark web card shops have become more and more popular. As a consequence many new card shops have appeared recently and it may be difficult for some people to judge which ones are worth a visit. For this reason we wrote this article featuring some card shops that we consider noteworthy and reliable. Please note that none of these card shops are sponsored, neither did we put them in any particular order. The selection here was curated by our editor staff and dark web users who had positive experiences on these sites.

Real and Rare Card Shop

Since its creation in 2020, Real and Rare has been stable ever since with little downtimes. The number of card packages offered has steadily increased. Also, it is one of the sites that allows anyone to sell their own credit cards for a one-time free of $100. As an additional perk it offers a referral program that every customer is signed up for automatically: Simply go to the referral section to find your own personal referral URLs that you can hand out to other new users. You will then get a 10% commission for every purchase they make.

Real and Rare offers cards with CVV information as well as credit card dumps. Additionally, it provides some extra tools such as a CVV, Dump, and Bin checker as well as a Track1 generator. With all these features and generally good pricing and a great amount of different card offers we consider it one of the best places to buy or sell credit card information.

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SwipeStore Card Shop

SwipeStore is a straightforward card store that sells CVV-enabled credit cards together with dumps and dump packs. Additionally, for a 50 cent cost, you can use the integrated credit card checker to verify the validity of any credit card. SwipeStore receives frequent updates, many times per day. You can get in touch with the support team using the built-in ticket system, a Jabber account, a Telegram conversation, or ICQ if you have any problems or inquiries.

No matter if you’re seeking for single CVV cards or dumps and packs, SwipeStore is a terrific place to buy cards. In addition to having a big selection of various cards, the website is updated often, sometimes multiple times per day. So be sure to return often to avoid missing anything.

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CVV Union Card Shop

If you’re seeking for specific card characteristics, CVV Union is a straightforward card store that’s great. It has a comprehensive database interface that you may use to run a variety of different queries. Once you’ve registered, you can use the search query to access the database. Here, you can use a variety of filters to narrow down the available cards. For instance, you can filter out cards from the search that include the date of birth (DOB), SSN, driver’s license, phone number, or any other information field included or removed.

Additionally, you can search for certain card levels like “Gold,” “Platinum,” “Black,” or “Company,” which have a significant impact on the available cash and limits. Additionally, you can use the search filter to find particular card companies, nations, or types (debit, credit, charge). If you’re searching for highly specific card attributes, CVV Union is an excellent card store to visit. Additionally, the database interface runs swiftly and is simple to use. Furthermore, CVV union has a wide portfolio, is continuously updated, and offers round-the-clock ticket service. All in all, a fantastic market to use for trustworthy CCs and dumps.

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EuroDollars Card Shop

Like its name suggests, EuroDollars is a card store that specializes in credit cards issued in the US and the EU. Only first-hand CCs are sold on EuroDollars, and the site offers daily updates where you can get information on CC, CVV, Fullz, and IP/SSN/DOB. You must register an account before you can access the market, as is the case with the majority of carding shops. But since that is a one-step procedure, no further details are required. Once you’ve registered, you can use the search query to access the database. If any of your purchased cards appear as having a “not valid status,” try2check, the card checker used by EuroDollars, immediately handles refunds. Keep in mind that all cards have a five-minute refund window, so you should check them out very away after buying.

If you want to swiftly look through a large selection of credit cards, EuroDollars is an excellent website. Over 100.000 cards were available at EuroDollars at the time of this review, and every single one was sold used. The auto-refund option is particularly useful because it uses try2check to automatically flag and execute refunds for any credit card that has a non-valid status after you check your recently acquired credit cards.

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Ultimate Shop

UltimateShop is a darknet card shop with a unique interface and an extensive search form. The content is organized into four different categories: Dumps with PIN, Dumps, CCV and Fulls. In each categorie you can search for specific content with a lot of options. UltimateShop updates its content every day at 10am Eastern Standard Time. Their claim is to have a minimum valid rate between 70% and 80%.

If you wish to purchase credit card information in bulk, UltimateShop is an excellent option because it provides significant savings on such purchases. Additionally, if you’re looking for tor dumps with PIN, you can use this website. The captcha, which may occasionally be annoying, is the only minor drawback. Fortunately, you only need to enter it once every login.

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Valid Dumps Card Shop

Although CVV & Fullz are also available on this site, Valid Dumps is mostly focused on dumps. Additionally, you can purchase mix packs and take part in exclusive auctions. To the right of this post, there is an onion link to the Valid Dumps Card Shop. Valid Dumps provides dumps in addition to a CVV section where you can locate individual credit cards with complete owner details. As with other card stores, you can use the search query to limit the results by BINs and ZIPs as well as other variables like nation and card level in addition to the card type and card level presented.

You may find a variety of credit card bundles in the Mix packs section; this section is routinely updated, so be sure to check back often. You may access them through the mix packs category. There are also ongoing regular mix pack auctions where you can place a bid while they are open. Additionally, you have the choice to purchase BINs in bulk. To do this, just select “search” and enter a BIN that qualifies.

A decent card store to visit is Valid Dumps, especially if you’re shopping for dumps. Additionally, the auctions frequently have good offers, particularly when there aren’t many other interested purchasers. Another benefit of this carding shop is the website’s user-friendly interface and short deposit times (just one confirmation for bitcoin and litecoin is required).

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Database Market

One of the more popular darknet card stores is Database Market. It has only lately started to operate and provides credit cards from all major brands (Amex, Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club). Additionally, it provides the following goods and services:

Scanning photo documents (USA / Worldmix) DL / ID / PASSPORT / SSN CARD / TAX FORMS / APPLICATION
Full info (USA / Worldmix)
Bank Accounts (USA / Worldmix)
Air miles (US / Canada / EU)
Shopping Sites (US / EU)
Payment systems (US / EU)

Although Database doesn’t frequently offer large dumps like other sites do, it does have a great variety of merchants. Due to the intense rivalry, this not only makes it one of the biggest credit card market websites but also guarantees low prices: Because there are so many suppliers, they are constantly competing to offer the best price, making Database Market one of the darknet’s most affordable markets for credit card data.

Database ought to be one of your go-to websites if you need quick access to a little to medium volume of credit card datasets. Due to the fact that it has more merchants than most other websites, it is one of the most affordable markets available. This is one of the few sites that give credit card data that allows you to use a card writer to put the data on a blank card and then use it to withdraw cash from an ATM thanks to the added availability of full datasets, including PINs.

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As mentioned in the beginning, these card shops are just suggestions based on positive user experience. There are many more card shops and they are not necessarily worse that the ones we mentioned here, we just have no recent experience with these sites to assess them properly. Please check out our card shop index site for a full list of currently available card shops.