Monopoly Market

Monopoly Market is a new darknet market hosted on Tor, focused on the anonymity, user safety, and trustless transactions.

First and foremost, Monopoly market does not have a user system. This leads to the market being faster to use, and mitigates 'human' exploitation like phishing. When you make an order, you get an order code that can be used to access your purchase details. These can be phished for, of course, but the impact is limited and changes can only be made with the PGP key the buyer provides at checkout.

To keep funds safe, Monopoly does not have their own market wallet that requires deposits- payments are sent directly to the vendors, conveniently making it possible to more quickly finalize orders to be completed by the vendor.

To reduce scamming, Monopoly approves all listings before they go live, individually vet every vendor who wants to sell on Monopoly, prevents vendors from having too many pending orders at a time, and kicks vendors with too many disputes off of the platform.

Additionally, Monopoly is drug-focused, to avoid disputes arising from failures from account or credit card sellers, where verification of the products validity is unclear or impossible.

Currently Monopoly is only accepting a few vendors, and all must manually be vetted. To apply, reply to the Monopoly post on the Monopoly market subdread.