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DuckCVV is down

What is DuckCVV?

DuckCVV is a card shop and market for financial assets much like UniCC. It offers various financial categories such as Bank Logins, Salary Accounts, Credit Cards, Dumps and Live Offers. You should be aware that there is a minimum deposit of $5 necessary in order to browse the market. You will not be able to see any offers unless you have deposited at least once. If the market site is up, you can find the onion link for DuckCVV to the right of this article.

While DuckCVV does not offer huge dumps as other sites like Joker’s Stash do, it has a vast amount of different sellers. You can find the usual datasets including card number, full name, expiry date and CVV. But DuckCVV also offers unique full datasets including the pin number of the cards for ATM withdrawals. These premium offers have a higher price than datasets without pin but they payoff can be extremely worthwhile.

Site information

Regarding CVVs, the site has some specific information for you. We quote this verbatim for you here:

  • All banks have advanced fraud detection methods, along with some websites. Due to these external factors, we are unable to guarantee the success of our customers who choose to use websites and systems that employ the “Verified by Visa” method. We are also unable to provide you with the reason the CVV failed, should that be the case.

Failure to pass “Verified by Visa” can occur due to a number of factors, such as:

  • The purchase being made is inconsistent with the normal spending habits as recorded by the CVV. (An example of this would be purchasing something for a staggering amount. If you plan to purchase something of a high value, business or premium CVV are highly recommended.)
  • The CVV may have insufficient funds to complete the transaction.
  • Location is always important, always remember to keep yourself protected and the use of a GPS location spoofer has been proven to increase success rates, and it is common knowledge to use one.
  • Another reason could be that the system you are using the CVV on has a very advanced anti-fraud prevention plan implemented. There are a variety of factors, so please take them into consideration before purchasing. We take no responsibility for any factors that will bring about a failed transaction. There is no way for us to check the balance of the card, if we were to do so it would render the card useless. We would like to reiterate that it is highly recommend to choose carefully before purchasing.

DuckCVV also provides some specific information on how to use their dumps:

  • Chip writing software is unnecessary for use with 201 dumps; as you can simply just write it same way as a 101 dump.
  • If you plan to swipe a UK 201 dump in a POS (Point of Sale System, commonly known as EFTPOS) that requires the use of a chip reader, you must achieve “chip read error”, on that system before you have the ability to swipe and use the dump as a credit (No PIN is required for this method).
  • ATM machines that require the use of a chip reader are not recommended. Older ATM machines, such Hyosung, Triton or similar (which can be found in most small convenience stores and small service stations) are highly recommended.
  • The daily withdrawal limit for most UK Dumps is 300 GBP (please convert this amount into your desired currency). It is recommended to always withdraw a little less the daily withdrawal limit (by about 20-30 GBP, again converted to your desired currency). This is proven to prolong the life of the card/dump, as it will help by not flagging the institution the dump/card has come from.
  • The daily limits for the majority of UK dumps reset at 00:00 UK time, which is GMT+1 (HSBC is the only bank that resets daily limits at 2:30 AM UK time – GMT+1).
  • It is not recommended to check the balance prior to your first withdrawal as this has the potential to flag the dump/card; to check the balance of the account, simply perform your first withdrawal.

Buying recommendations

If you are looking for datasets with complete information including the PIN (“fullz”), we recommend that you choose the purchase carefully: These datasets usually not only contain the full name of the cardholder but also the zip code and sometimes full address. This means you can search for zip codes correlated to high income – thus ensuring that the limits of the card will be high.

On the other hand, you should always be careful what vendors to trust – like on all darknet market sites. There are certain red flags that indicate that you should be very careful or outright avoid a vendor: If it is a new account with few or no previous sales but also if an offer seems too good to be true. You should always compare the prices with similar offers and never buy from vendors that sell their data outrageously cheap, as it is most likely a scam.

Security Recommendations

Like with all darknet platforms the standard security suggestions apply: Above all else, remain anonymous. Utilize the TOR program just and never browse with TOR to any non-darknet sites. In a perfect world, you have a dedicated computer or at least a VM for all your darknet exercises. Keep your darknet PGP keys and different accreditations restricted to that system only, don’t blend it in with any exercises that would uncover your identity.

Treat your devoted darknet system like a work-framework: Only install the software necessary for your operations do not install anything for entertainment or other purposes. Accordingly, fight the temptation to peruse Twitter, Reddit or some other such online platforms. For this, only utilize your non-darknet system.

DuckCVV Summary

If you are looking for quick access to a wide variety of financial data, DuckCVV should be one of your go-to sites. Because it has more vendors than most other sites, it is – due to the competition – one of the cheapest markets around. With the additional availability of full datasets including PINs, this is one of the few sites that offer credit card data that allows you to use a card writer to put the data on a blank card and then using it to withdraw cash at an ATM. As always, when visiting any darknet market make sure to only use trusted links, such as the onion link for DuckCVV on the top right.