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What is Cypher Market?

Cypher Market is a walletless escrow and FE market with no traditional deposit wallets. Orders can be payed directly from your own wallet without having to deposit on the market first. Many other markets require you to make an initial deposit to confirm your willingness to buy, so Cypher Market is interesting for those that want to start purchasing immediately without the need of having to deposit any funds. If the market site is up, you can find the onion link for Cypher Market to the right of this article.

Cypher Market has the following product categories:

  • Guides and Tutorials
  • Counterfeits
  • Hosting & Security
  • Software & Malware
  • Drugs
  • Other Listings

By the categories, you will notice that Cypher is an all-purpose market but be aware that the usual restrictions apply: The usual darknet market restrictions apply to Silk Road: Weapons and explosives, as well as other dangerous chemicals, are banned. The same goes for any kind of murder service and, as usual, any form of child pornography is prohibited the same as publishing any private information (doxing).


The following rules apply globally to the site:

  • No contact outside the market allowed. All orders and communication must go through the marketplace. Wickr and other ways of communication are forbidden.
  • It is not allowed to sell weapons, explosives, fentanil, carfentanil, CP or anything that is harmfull to humanbeings.
  • It is not allowed to threaten someone, dox or blackmail.
  • Scamming is not allowed in any way or form, this includes feedback padding.
  • Asking for FE without having permission is forbidden.


If you like any offer simply click on it and you can place an order for it. Like most darknet markets, Cypher provides an escrow system where funds are withheld until the trade is complete, removing any risk of scams. However, trusted vendors can apply for Finalize-Early status which allows them to bypass the escrow system.

The user interface of Cypher marketplace is pretty standard, clear and easy to use with the presence of a search bar for finding that exact thing which is on the user’s mind.

Security Recommendations

Like with all darknet market sites the standard security recommendations apply. First and foremost, stay anonymous. Use the TOR browser only and don’t use the TOR browser for any regular (non-darknet) browsing. Ideally, you have a dedicated system or at least a dedicated VM for all your darknet activities. Keep your darknet PGP keys and other credentials limited to that system only, do not mix it with any activities that would expose your identity.

Treat your dedicated system like a work-system: Only install the software necessary for your operations do not install anything for entertainment or other purposes. Subsequently, resist the urge to browse Twitter, Reddit or any other social media sites while you have downtime. For this always use your regular system.

Never communicate with vendors or buyers outside of Empire Market or you lose the security of the escrow system and dispute policy. Make sure that you encrypt all your communication, no matter how trivial it is. Not only decreases this your overall risk but also helps to establish a habit of it.

For additional system security, we recommend you run a secure operating system like Tails or Whonix on your dedicated system for darknet activities. We also recommend using a VPN as an additional security measure since TOR will only anonymize your browsing sessions but not other traffic.

Especially when using any public WiFi hotspots you should always use a VPN when accessing the Internet since you don’t know whether the access point is compromised. A VPN ensures that all of your traffic, no matter what application, will always be strongly encrypted when passing the access point, this protecting yourself not only from eavesdropping but also possible identity theft.


Cypher Market is one of the best all-purpose markets around. Few sites have such a variety of products and are so easy to use. As an additional plus, Cypher Market comes with the best phishing protection available so you will never have to worry about accidentally landing on the wrong site. If markets with a wide variety of products are what you are usually browsing it, Cypher is definitely a site you should check out. As always, when visiting any darknet market make sure to only use trusted links, such as the onion link for Cypher Market on the top right.