Two years after launch, Torum goes offline

08/10/2020Darknet News

After two years of activity, the security focused darknet forum Torum goes offline. This was announced yesterday by a signed message on the Torum index site. The message in detail is as follows:

I am retiring. I ran Torum for over 3 years, the truth is I lost the passion for hosting Torum a long time ago but kept it online for the community. Torum has always been a non-profit project for me, even to the extent of rejecting donations. We grew to be a strong community of over 130,000 members. Compared to how some other projects conclude, hosting for over 3 years and wrapping up on my own terms is what I would consider being successful

Is it possible Torum returns in the future? Maybe. But I’m taking a break from the darkweb for a while, so even if Torum did possibly return it wouldn’t be anytime soon. Is it possible I give Torum away to someone I think is capable of hosting it and they relaunch it? Who knows. Maybe that could work, but again, I’m not rushing into anything. What I can say is Torum is gone for the foreseeable future, potentially permanently.

Thank you to everyone that contributed to the growth of Torum. Thank you to all Torum moderators, past and present, without you Torum would have been a spammed out mess. To all the people that tried to take Torum down over the last 3 years, I hold no grudges. I wish a prosperous future to everyone.


Darknet-Forums have a specifically hard time staying around because they are constantly bombarded with ddos and other attacks – because the are often used to spread news, rumors, facts or false information that is most unwelcome for certain actors. It takes a certain dedicationa and resilence to remain online with an open forum on the darknet. With Torum being offline, this leaves two large and established forums on the darknet: Dread and The Majestic Garden. These have proven over time that they have this resilence, even though occasional downtime can be expected. While the Torum administrator did not rule out a comeback, it remains to be seen if another darknet forum is able to establish itself.