Six Germans under Investigation for Drug-Trafficking

11/19/2020Europe, Germany, Law Enforcement

The Cybercrime Central and Contact Office (ZAC NRW) at the Cologne Public Prosecutor’s Office is conducting preliminary proceedings against six German defendants aged between 25 and 56 years on charges of illegal trafficking in narcotics in significant quantities and gang trafficking in significant quantities.

Among other things, the accused are suspected of having sold a total of 279 kg of amphetamine, 1.3 kg of MDMA and 11,100 ecstasy tablets on various sales platforms in Darknet in a large number of cases since April 2018. In addition, a total of 103 kg of marijuana, 35 liters of amphetamine oil, 2,000 ecstasy tablets, 100 kg of amphetamine and 29 kg of hashish have been transhipped through other distribution channels.

On November 17th 2020, four arrest warrants obtained from the Cologne District Court were executed and a total of ten objects belonging to the group of offenders in Cologne and Kerpen were searched in a large-scale operation involving four public prosecutors, over 60 officers from the Cologne Police Headquarters, forces of the special task force (SEK) and the Düsseldorf tax investigation department. Five narcotics and two data medium detection dogs were also used. One of the accused was slightly injured during the arrest. A professional drug laboratory was found in one of the searched objects. Among other things, a firearm, considerable amounts of narcotics and cash were seized. Due to the income of the accused from the trading activities, arrest orders of the Cologne District Court for approximately 1.2 million Euros were also executed. The investigations are ongoing.

This investigation comes only 6 days after another German was arrested for Narcotics-Trafficking; investigators declined to comment on whether this investigation is related.