06/12/2020Darknet News, Exit Scams

After we reported last week that BitBazaar moderators have been banned from the Dread forum for vote-manipulating advertisement posts, it now seems that the BitBazaar owners have taken it one step further and are now exit-scamming.

On Dread several users report the typical behavior: ” We’re yet to know the exact story, but multiple vendors can’t withdraw, it validates the exit-scam. From a confirmed source I know the Bit Bazaar has already coded a new market, as soon as I get to know the name of the market, I’ll leak it.

Another one writes: “Let this be a lesson to everybody: Do not use markets which are banned from Dread for DDoSing other markets, spreading FUD and boosting their own numbers.”

“2 options, and regardless of which one it is, the end result is, your coins are gone and you must suck it up and move on, BitBazaar is finished.

Hacked or Exit Scammed, only possibilities. Who cares which one it is, the users and vendors and people who lost funds are the victims. Hope no one lost anything significant. But I remember calling this the moment BitBazaar was removed from Dread… “Anyone who has coins or business on that marketplace, move somewhere else ASAP, this ship will sink and you will go down with it”.

So far, withdrawals are not being processed which is one of the tell-tale signs of an exit-scam. We will keep an eye on this as the situation develops.