MTU data leaked on the dark web following a cyberattack

02/13/2023Cybercrime, Darknet News, Europe, UK

Munster Technological University will start as scheduled on Monday with classes proceeding according to the current timetables, after confirming on Sunday that information stolen in a recent cyberattack was made available on the dark web.

On Sunday, the university announced that the National Cyber Security Centre had found evidence of content being accessed and copied from university networks and posted online.

The university stated that its forensic specialists were investigating the type of hacked data. The institution had started alerting everyone who might be impacted, despite the fact that it was “impossible at this early stage to properly identify the exact nature of all material, including personal data affected or the identity of all persons affected by this leak.”

All those who might be impacted were warned by the institution to be particularly watchful for any potential attacks via email, SMS, or other unsolicited messages. The National Cyber Security Centre “offers additional information and guidance on how to recognize and protect yourself against phishing [attacks],” the institution stated.

The university also took action to reassure staff and students that it was using all of its resources, assisted by outside forensic advisors and the Nations Cyber Security Centre, to investigate and contain the assault.

In response to the blackmail demand the institution claimed it had received since an attack on its computer systems, Munster Technological University (MTU) said a High Court order it won on Friday was “one of a number of actions being taken.”

Any data that may have been illegally obtained from the university’s networks is not allowed to be sold, published, owned, or used in any other way, according to the temporary injunction order. In its statement, the institution promised to “attempt to implement that order as far as practicable.”

The university claimed it has hired specialized services to carefully watch the internet for any potential data leaks. Last week, it closed its Cork-based institutions for two days.

The university stated that the court order was just one of many steps taken by MTU in response to the occurrence and to lessen its impact. “The forensic investigation is underway to assess to what degree any personal data has been removed from MTU systems,” it added.

Updates about the start of on-campus services will be communicated through the appropriate channels, according to the university, which was “trying to restore all affected services as soon as possible.”

We want to reassure everyone who might be impacted once more that we are using all of our resources, assisted by the National Cyber Security Center and our expert forensic advisers, to investigate and mitigate this issue.