Italian Man arrested hiring a hitman to kill his ex-girlfriend

04/13/2021Europe, Law Enforcement, news

For attempting to hire a hitman to kill his ex-girlfriend, The Italian Police executed the precautionary measure of house arrest, ordered by the Gip of the Court of Rome, against a forty years old man from Lombardy, computer expert and an official of a large company.

It is the first time that, through an investigation on different operational levels, both real and virtual, the investigators of the Postal and Communications Police Service, of the Mobile Squad, and of the Postal Police of Rome succeeded in promptly identifying and stopping the instigator of a serious crime of gender violence, planned in detail on the Dark Web.

It looks like the plot of a contemporary thriller in which the author gives life to a nightmare: in the background a broken relationship, the conception of a crime, the search for a killer on the Dark Web to hurt the ex-girlfriend, the payment of the commission in Bitcoin.

The reality, however, shows yet another story of a man who thinks he can destroy a woman because he does not accept the end of their relationship. The news came to the attention of the investigators of the State Police last February, from a report of Scip – Service for the International Cooperation of Police of the Central Directorate of Criminal Police: the Police of a European country had acquired on the Dark Web some conversations related to a serious crime on commission.

An unknown client asked an “intermediary” to hire a “hitman”, so that a woman in Italy could be scarred with acid and forced on a wheelchair, and for this service he had already made the first of several payments in Bitcoin. The intermediary put in contact the client with a hitman, who committed himself to complete the task in a short time.

But the investigation, directed by the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Rome and carried out jointly by the Postal Communications Police Service, the Mobile Squad of Rome and the Postal Police Department for Lazio, allowed to identify the victim and to bring to light, in a very short time, the whole story.

The investigators of the Postal Police, with the fundamental contribution of the cooperation of Europol, which carried out the analysis of financial transactions and supported the complex investigative activities for the international implications, identified the person responsible for the chilling request.

At the same time, the Section of the Mobile Squad of Rome, specialized in crimes of gender violence, has reconstructed the life of the girl, her frequentations and sentimental relationships, reaching the same conclusions: from the profile of an ex-boyfriend has emerged, in fact, a morbid personality and obsessed by the female figure.

The man, while sending flowers and insistent messages to the address of the young woman, through complex computer practices of anonymization and using the Tor network, contacted a site of the Dark Web, requesting to subjects called “Assassins”, against payment of a conspicuous sum in Bitcoin, services aimed to cause her very serious injuries.