02/04/2020Darknet News, Europe, Law Enforcement

A 34 year-old German was convicted by a local court in Pirna (Eastern Germany) for selling various drug products on different darknet markets, most of them via Empire market. Under the vendor name “bestshop24” the German was accused of selling amphetamines on Nightmare market for a period of over a year.

After ordering four litres of amphetamine oil from the Dutch with the code names “Drugz Bunny” and “X-Man” via Darknet, he used it in his laboratory to make meth nasal sprays or converted them into speed or speed paste. His downfall was that his supplier in the Netherlands gave a tip to the authorites which then promptly proceeded to arrest the suspect.

When the last litre of the illegal oil arrived at his premises on 14 August 2019, customs came along with it. Investigators found another 560 litres of the liquid drug in the dealer’s apartment, plus 1.5 kilos in solid form. The engineer had earned around 23,000 euros from this. He admitted everything in court. The verdict: Two years and seven months behind bars in the Justizvollzugsanstalt Dresden.