German citizen charged after resisting arrest for darknet drug trades

11/12/2020Europe, Germany, Law Enforcement, news

An indictment issued by the Baden-Baden public prosecutor’s office in September lists 32 criminal offences for which a 26-year-old German citizen now is charged.

The starting point of the investigations were findings made by the public prosecutor’s office in Münster in an investigation complex against a Dutch-German group of offenders who had devoted themselves to the profitable resale of large quantities of narcotics via the Darknet and who had been proven to be trafficking in more than 500 kilograms of amphetamine and several kilograms of heroin, MDMA and ecstasy tablets in a criminal case that has since been legally concluded.

During the evaluation of data media seized from one of the gang members, the name of the accused was also found to be the orderer of 500 grams of amphetamine at the end of 2018/beginning of 2019, whereupon the public prosecutor’s office in Baden-Baden took over the investigation against the man from Achern who had been convicted of this crime.

During the apartment search on 19.05.2020 the drug investigators of the police headquarters Offenburg found not only larger quantities of Amphetamine and Marihuana but also references to a drug trade of the accused, which had lasted already longer. As early as June 2017, the – so far only partially confessed – unemployed defendant is said to have had contact with 120 grams of marijuana, in February 2018 with 150 grams of hashish, in September 2019 with 200 grams of marijuana. In 2020, the defendant had also profitably resold cocaine, amphetamine, hashish, and marijuana to a number of customers, some of them in the 100-gram range.

Separate investigations have been initiated against these customers, they too have been visited by the criminal investigation department and are now facing charges.
During the apartment search on 19.05.2020 the accused behaved extremely unruly. According to the investigations, he allegedly attacked several police officers, bit them and set his dog on them. Several police officers not only had to hear nasty insults, but also suffered injuries due to the acts of resistance.

The defendant’s attempt to snatch the service weapon from one of the police officers was fortunately stopped. When the accused was then to be taken to the hospital in Achern for a blood sample, he managed to escape despite being guarded by several officers of the Achern police station. The public prosecutor’s office in Baden-Baden immediately obtained an arrest warrant from the local court, on the basis of which the accused was arrested on 25.05.2020. Since then he has been in custody pending trial.

The 2nd Grand Criminal Chamber of the Baden-Baden Regional Court, which has dismissed the charges of trafficking in narcotics in no small quantity in 9 cases, commercial trafficking in narcotics in 20 cases, possession of narcotics in no small quantity, resistance to law enforcement officers, insult, bodily injury and attempted dangerous bodily injury on 20 May 2020. 11.2020 in Courtroom 118 at 13:00 – with continuations on 27.11., 18.12. and 21.12.2020 – has so far summoned 10 witnesses and an expert who will comment on the question of placing the accused in a detention center..