02/28/2020Darknet News, Europe, Law Enforcement

Swedish law enforcement announced today that they have brought charges against five Swedes for trading trugs on the darknet market site Flugsvamp 2.0.

The charges are based on a complicated and technically advanced police investigation. The suspects’ communication went through encrypted networks, communications channels and computers, but the police were still able to monitor the drug trade on the Flugsvamp 2.0 website and its administrator.

The main suspect is charged with gross and exceptionally gross narcotics offences, a gross money laundering offence and falsification of an instrument, among other offences. In addition, four individuals are charged with money laundering offences.

The schemes were advanced and many countries were involved; for example, the payments are believed to have been made through advanced bitcoin transactions and money laundering schemes. During the investigation, the police cooperated with 25 countries, including Hong Kong, Panama and Germany.

In their investigation, the police were able to identify many of the 600 vendors and 17,000 buyers who are believed to have carried out more than 320,000 transfers of drugs. Many pieces of information that came to light in the two-year-long police investigation are followed up by the police.