01/23/2020Darknet News, Europe, Law Enforcement

In national cooperation among the National Drug Headquarters, the Customs Administration, the Czech Post and other Czech law enforcement authorities it was announced on Wednesday that this effort uncovered a large scale drug operation on the darknet.

This was stated by the Czech police in a press release on January 23rd. According to that release, Czech authorities arrested five individuals from the Czech Republic. For darknet drug customers these individuals may be known as “czechairlines” as that was the vendor handle they used to sell various drugs on different market sites. Especially on Empire Market

Customs intercepted 600 packages

According to the press statement the coordination included 600 cases of cooperation by the customs agency who intercepted a total of eight dons of ‘drug precursors’. The authorities accuse the detainees of providing various types of drugs for sale, especially ecstasy tablets, cocaine, ketamine, and MDMA.

The statement gives further details, such as that the arrested individuals are between 25 and 28 years old and that two of them primarily focused on the brokerage side while the other three were involved in the distribution of substances among end-users. These substances were smuggled into the Czech Republic mainly from Belgium and the Netherlands but they were not solely distributed in the Czech Republic but also shipped international to various other countries, including the USA.

During the final implementation of the case, approximately 6 kilograms of OPL, mostly ecstasy tablets of various colors and shapes, as well as MDMA, ketamine, and cocaine, were seized during nine house searches or other premises searches. In addition, the so-called cryptocurrency was secured, namely 2.3 BTC (Bitcoin) and cash of approximately CZK 300,000 in cash.

In a separate but related investigation, two further individuals going by the monikers of “Bushplanet” and “DonkeyKong” were accused to offer drugs since at least 2017 and have operated in at least four virtual markets on the darknet. Bitcoin was primarily used as a means of payment for the sale of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances in a virtual environment, but it also accepted other “types” of virtual currencies (Monero, Litecoin, and others).

Ongoing investigation

Criminal prosecution was initiated against two crime organizers for the crime of illicit production and other handling of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances and poisons under Section 283 (1), (3) (a) and (b). c) tr. of the Criminal Code in complicity according to § 23 of the Criminal Code of the Code, for which they face imprisonment of eight to twelve years. The concrete involvement of other persons is the subject of an ongoing investigation.

At present, both investigations and financial investigations are underway, and it is not possible to exclude the detention and accusation of other persons involved in the above-mentioned crime or the extension of criminal prosecution of already accused persons or the provision of another virtual currency.

This case demonstrates again how OPSEC is vital for your continuing, successful darknet operation. But it should be noted that this incident is unlikely to have any impact on the darknet drug supply – after all, there are are more than enough suppliers available and this niche will quickly be filled again.