01/25/2020Darknet News, Europe, Law Enforcement

Once again, a case shows that one category of items you should avoid on the internet is weapons. In a court trial in Berlin, A 28-yeah old German admitted to the attempt of purchasing a handgun and ammunition over the darknet. But – as it is always the case – he did not negotiate with a darknet vendor but instead with undercover federal agents, in this case, they were attached to the Australian police. The suspect ordered a semi-automatic handgun (type not disclosed) and ammunition.

According to the trial proceedings, the case was handed over to the Berlin police once the suspect made a partial payment in Bitcoin to the undercover agents in Canberra. The German police then set up a meeting on an autobahn parking lot where they promised the suspect to deliver the weapon and ammunition. After he paid the outstanding sum of 1500 Euro, the authorities proceeded with the arrest. The police also found drugs and several counterfeit banknotes in a sports bag during a search of his room.

According to the suspect’s own statements, he was employed as a security guard and then got fired after which he started to play computer games a lot. He said that owning a handgun and counterfeit money sounded “cool”. The trial proceedings are still ongoing, court is scheduled to resume trial on January 29th.

A lesson everyone should learn

The past history of such transactions should be a clear indication to everyone: Don’t try to buy weapons of any kind on the darknet. The risk to run into covert agents is incredibly high. There is a reason that weapons of all kinds are banned on many darknet market sites: These platforms do not want to expose their customers to the high risk involved when dealing with such good.

But it seems the lesson has not been learned enough yet. Just a few months ago, in November 2019 another German was convicted to three years in prison after having tried to order a handgun on the darknet.

The darknet markets are useful resources for many things – but weapons are not one of them. This also applies to dangerous chemicals or explosives, basically anything that is designed to hurt or kill somebody. Do never try to purchase such items on the internet unless you want to be persecuted by law enforcement agencies.