Doctor sentenced for hiring darknet hitman to kidnap his wife


A former Spokane doctor was given an eight-year prison term for hiring several hitmen for $60,000 in Bitcoin to kidnap and assault a number of individuals.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office claims that Ronald Ilg, 56, sent numerous communications through the in the beginning of 2021 “A doctor in the Spokane region was targeted on the “dark web,” with instructions that the victim “should be given a major beating that is visible. It should seriously hurt both hands or break both of them” the U.S. Attorney’s Office claims

This victim, it is believed, was a physician who spoke out against Ilg during a probe by human resources.

Additionally, according to court documents, Ilg hired supposed hit men to kidnap his estranged wife as a second victim. According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Ilg specifically gave the order for her to be kidnapped and given a heroin injection in order for her to abandon divorce proceedings that were going on at the time and return to a failing relationship with Ilg.

The FBI claims that Ilg made a bogus claim that he paid the hitmen to kill him, not the victims. The FBI also claimed that Ilg attempted to marry a witness in order to prevent her from testifying against him. Even after admitting to the crimes, he attempted to have that woman burn any evidence against him.

According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Ilg hoped to get a book or movie contract after pleading guilty so he could profit financially from his crimes.

Ilg was only eligible for a maximum eight-year term as part of his plea agreement.

Ilg must also pay a $100,000 fine, as well as more than $25,000 in restitution.