Dark Web Market Of The Week: EuroDollars

11/25/2022Darknet News

This week our choice for dark web market of the week is the card shop EuroDollars. There are many card shops but EuroDollars always stood out because of its reliability and stability. Most importantly, the site is very fast compared to most other card shops and even generic onion sites. EuroDollars only sells CCs first hand and provides daily updates; you can find CC, CVV, Fullz, as well as IP/SSN/DOB information. As with most carding shops, you need to register an account before you can access the market. But that is a one-step process and no additional information is needed. Once you are registered you can access the database and use the search query.

Shop Features

EuroDollars uses try2check as card checker and it automatically processes refunds if any of your purchased cards show up as “not valid status”. Note that the refund limit for all cards is five minutes so you should immediately check them once purchased.

When clicking “advanced options” in the market view, it allows you to filter the cards according to your needs. You can search by Bin, ZIP, Bank, Crand, Type, Level, Country, State, Price as well as other personal information such as DOB/Email/Phone. Be aware that you need to charge your account before purchasing any cards. At the moment the only accepted currency on EuroDollars is Bitcoin and you cannot withdraw any funds after deposit – your wallet balance can only be used for purchases on the site.

Why EuroDollars?

EuroDollars is a great site if you qant to quickly search through a vast amount of credit cards. At the time of this review, EuroDollars offered over 100.000 cards, all of them sold first hand. Especially convenient is the auto-refund option: Once you check your freshly purchased credit cards, the site uses try2check to automatically flag and process refunds for any card with a non-valid status.

It is a great site to browse for credit cards, especially if you’re shopping for dumps. Additionally, the auctions frequently have good offers, particularly when there aren’t many other interested purchasers. Another benefit of this carding shop is the website’s user-friendly interface and short deposit times (just one confirmation for bitcoin and litecoin is required).

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