04/30/2020Darknet News

Since the more or less worldwide economic lockdown due to Covid, the news has been slow regarding darknet related events. But this is good news for darknet traders on both ends because no news usually means that business is doing good, which it certainly has, considering the circumstances. It has been two weeks since the last arrest has been reported, as lockdowns have hampered law enforcement agencies around the world, mostly due to limited manpower for seizing operations.

On the flip side, while COVID certainly had some negative impact on procedures for darknet vendors, they are mostly just expressed in shipping delays. So far, the supply lines for the usual commodities traded on the darknet have not collapsed. On the contrary, it seems they are much more resilient than many people have feared as the darknet business is still thriving.

The outlook hasn’t always been so positive, especially after black Thursday, where Bitcoin lost 39% percent of its value in a single day – the heaviest loss in seven years. Since Bitcoin is by far the most commonly used currency for darknet transactions, this had a direct impact on spending morale for buyers. Vendors have been concerned, but while Fobes reported that some had to “close business” due to Corona consequences, this is not true for any of the major markets and vendors as they are usually financially secure.

Now that Bitcoin is traded well above $8000 again, customers seem happy again to use it for purchases on the darknet. This plus the fact that there are now encouraging numbers published regarding Covid infections (especially in certain European countries like Germany), the overall trading mood seems to have increased a lot and it does look like things could go back to normal relatively quickly.

And because many places remain in lockdown it gives darknet vendors an additional advantage. On the internet, however, business can continue normally, unaffected by lockdown rules, save for a few problems in the supply chain. Shoppers stay indoors while a large portion of the world experiences lockout, and only order vital products from online portals — including the darknet.

On the darknet forum Dread, a thread featured “How does the coronavirus outbreak have an impact on market transactions?” One vendor responded, “Online purchases are going to increase a lot because people will want to be in their home in quarantine. Therefore postal services will collapse and delivery times will increase a lot like Christmas.” Again, this shows that the only problem that appeared is extended delivery times but so far they are not longer than for other very busy periods of the year.