California Citizen Sentenced to 3,5 Years for Trying to Procure Ricin

09/21/2020Darknet News, Law Enforcement, USA

The US District Judge Terry J. Hatter Jr. was sentenced today to 41 years of age. In September 2019 Kim pleaded guilty to a count of breach of a federal law known as a ban on biological weapons.

At the hearing today, prosecutors claim that Kim’s own comment was aimed at killing someone who weighed 110 pounds, presumably his wife, using the lethal biological toxin.

In late 2018, Kim tried, for two months, to get ricin from an online supplier, which was an operational undercover for the FBI, unknown to Kim. Kim claimed in the online selling negotiations that he wanted to purchase ricin for a person who, according to court records, he identified as weighing 110 pounds, and would use the deadly toxin in a drink.

The survey found that Kims wife weighed about £ 10 and Kim and his wife had marital problems, while an internet search for methods to cope with rage problems showed that Kim was confiscated from a monitor.

For approximately $350, Kim purchased the ricin with Bitcoin. Kim directed the ricin to its office, and the FBI supplied the inert powder in a packaging concealed on November 29, 2018. Kim took the pitch home that night, got into the inert powder and was arrested immediately.

While the parties dispute Kim’s intended use of ricin, the act of trying to procure the deadly toxin was, according to sentencing papers filed by the prosecutors, ‘incredibly dangerous behavior, regardless of the safety of other people.’ One memo cites the United States Probation Office’s pre-sentence report: “The actions of the defendant was able to place the community at risk. Kim had done what he thought was a toxic biological toxin that was sent to his place of work by the United States Postal Service.

Had Kim succeeded in getting ricin, he may have badly harmed many of the people who came into touch with the dangerous package without being aware of it. The FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force, which was funded by the US Postal Inspection Service, investigated this matter.