06/08/2020Darknet News, Exit Scams

According to a statement by Paris from dread, the moderators of the subdreadid d/BitBazaar had their posts brigaded by at least 450 accounts and were consequently banned from dread.

Paris states: “After a report I can validate, effective immediately and permanently /d/BitBazaar is now banned for massive subscriber manipulation with the subsequent spam from that manipulation.

Starting from about 3 weeks ago till now support staff on the BitBazaar market was incentivized to create accounts, subscribe, and periodically post on the /d/Bitbazaar subdread. The basic idea of fake it till you make it in a way. While it is OK for support staff to subscribe (on their own support account) and thus boost the subdread numbers there is a point of showing there is activity to being manipulative and tricking people.

After the report, I ran an alt detection script on the subscribed members of /d/BitBazaar for potential manipulation. It returned over 454 CONFIRMED manipulated accounts with many others with semi links. While having such a list I expect some cross connections in the low to mid tens but having it multiple hundreds nearly half a thousand for a subscriber list less then 3 times that, this can not stand.

This blatant manipulation can’t go unpunished. BitBazaar’s ad has been disabled (no refunds) and the manipulated subdread will be banned effective immediately.

Do not cheat the system and if you are going to do it anyway do it better. After thereport it took me a total of 5 minutes to change my script and get the evidence I need for this ban. There is no second chances for something this blatant and simply stupid. “