The best sites to buy Cannabis on the Darknet (2023)


That Darknet maeket landscape has changed quite a bit over the recent years. But one aspect that didn’t change is that one of the highest demands and best selling products on the darknet remains Cannabis in all forms.

Some years ago the vast majority of all Cannabis sales happened on the big marketplaces – most of which are defunct by now. So what are the best places to buy Cannabis on the dark web in 2023?

We compared the prices and availability of the best sites and the general conclusion is that the best deals and most reliable sources for weed and hashish as well as edibles have moved to smaller vendor shops. This is not only true for Cannabis but also other kinds of drugs – there are vendor shops that specialize on Cocaine and LSD as well, but we will cover this in another article in the upcoming days.

For now, we focus on Cannabis and suggest the following sites for your shopping needs:


SmokersCo is an established vendor shop that has building its reputation over the recent years and has become one of the best sources for all kinds of Cannabis procucts. It not only only offers some of the best prices in comparison but also loads very fast and has a decent product palette.

The site is easy to browse and requires no login if you just want to check out the offers. The products are sorted into two different categories, weed and hash. The available products within the categories are subject to constant change so it’s worth checking the site frequently for updates.

Once you are ready to buy, you can pay with either Bitcoin and Monero. Purchases are then completed like on other market sites, including a shopping cart. Another advantage of the SmokersCO vendor shop is that it includes reviews for all sales that are public for anyone to view. These seem authentic and provides new buyers with a summarized experience of previous customers.

If you are looking for cannabis products, especially weed or hash this is one of the sites that should be in your bookmarks. Because the site is a vendor shop, you are guaranteed low prices but at the same time, the site is designed like a standard darknet market for easy navigation.

Go directly to the SmokersCo Vendor Shop by clicking here.

Tom & Jerry

Opposed to SmokersCo, Tom & Jerry is a relatively new vendor shop that not only sells Cannabis but also all kinds of other drugs. Still, if you’re looking for Cannabis products, this site also has respectable prices and a good product portfolio.

You can browse the market instantly, there is no need to create an account for that. So you are able to check out their offers before registering. The accepted currencies are Bitcoin, Monero and Litecoin. All orders that come in before 13:00 Dutch local time, are shipped the same day ! Orders made after that time are shipped the very next day.

Within Europe you can expect deliveries to take 2-4 days while everywhere else it will usually take 10 days or more. Please note that there is no shipping to Russia, Turkey, Israel, Indonesia and the US.

Click here for a more detailed information and to find the current valid URL for the Tom & Jerry vendor shop.

We Are Amsterdam

We are Amsterdam is another established vendor shop that has been offering high quality cannabis products for years. As the name implies, We Are Amsterdam is a dutch vendor that provides a dedicated shop site for for cannabis and other drug related products. It has a fairly large selection is worth a look at since it often offers cheap prices for various drug-related products.

If you place an order, you will need to pay it within 60 minutes or it will be automatically canceled. You pay the amount required at the end of the checkout. The shipping price is already included in the price you see. Also, note that the vendor shop is wallet-less (you don’t have a personal wallet on the site) to you pay the required amount on checking out. You will see the generated BTC/XMR address there.

We Are Amsterdam gives no limits for delivery times – it will depend on your location. If you are in doubt, you can always use the contact form to inquire about shipping duration, answers should come rather quickly.

Even though WeAreAmsterdam has not the largest selctions, it is still worth checking out because you may find an offer that is not available anywhere else. The available products always change so it’s a good idea to check the site frequently if you are a typical customer of the offered products.

Click here for a more detailed information and to find the current valid URL for the We Are Amsterdam vendor shop.

Heineken Express

Heineken Express is another dutch vendor shop that sells a variety of drug related producs but offers a large selection of Cannabis products. The downside of this shop is that you will have to be patient for it to lead because you will be placed into a queue when visiting the site – this can take up to 5 minutes on average.

Before you purchase any items, be aware that shipping is restricted to the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Norway, Croatia, Turkey, Morocco, Iran, and Canada – no purchases will be sent to these locations. Otherwise, there are no shipping restrictions.

There is also a search option so you can easily find the specific product you are looking for. Customers can leave feedback for any purchases they make so that other users can better judge whether a particular product is worth it.

Heineken Express is a great market site if you are looking for cheap offers on various drug-related products. Just be aware that certain countries are excluded from shipping (see above).

Click here for a more detailed information and to find the current valid URL for the Heineken Express vendor shop.