Bavarian Police Investigate Four Germans for Darnet Drug Trade

07/19/2020Darknet News, Europe, Germany, Law Enforcement

After a tip to the Marktoberdorf police, their officers had already discovered more than seven kilograms of marijuana and more than 60,000 euros in cash in a Marktoberdorf apartment at the beginning of February this year. Further investigations were taken over by the criminal investigation department; three suspects aged 25, 29 and 47 years were remanded in custody.

In the meantime, investigators in Kempten have succeeded in identifying another suspect who is also suspected of dealing in narcotics. During the search of his apartment in Oberg├╝nzburg in mid-June, over two kilograms of marijuana, over 600 grams of cocaine and around 1,200 ecstasy tablets were found. By order of the public prosecutor’s office in Kempten, the 35-year-old was brought before the investigating judge at the Kempten district court. The judge ordered him to be remanded in custody.

The investigations by the public prosecutor’s office and the Kempten Criminal Investigation Department into other parties involved have not yet been completed. They mainly relate to the activities of the 35-year-old in the Darknet. Investigations in the encrypted and anonymous network revealed that the man from Oberg├╝nzburg had purchased considerable quantities of drugs in the Darknet and, according to the current state of knowledge, had also sold them.