Austrian Citizen Arrested Selling Amphetamines on the Darknet

11/06/2020Europe, Law Enforcement, news

In the course of extensive investigations, led by the criminal service of the police inspection Gallneukirchen, a drug seller, as well as its consumers from the area Engerwitzdorf/Gallneukirchen/Alberndorf/Linz could be investigated and brought to the announcement.

The unemployed 20-year-old main offender from the Urfahr-Umgebung district is accused of having ordered or purchased amphetamine, “Speed”, a total of 2700 grams, in the “Darknet” in violation of the regulations in the period from summer 2019 to May 2020 and imported it from abroad to Austria by means of several postal items.

After receipt of the addictive drug, he divided it up for sale to his customers, packaged it and sold it to them at various locations in Gallneukirchen for profit or exchanged some of it for marijuana.

The 20-year-old was able to prove possession, import, transfer and consumption of amphetamine as well as possession and consumption of marijuana. By order of the public prosecutor’s office in Linz, the accused was charged.