04/16/2020Darknet News, Europe, Law Enforcement

In the course of investigations conducted by officers of the Gallneukirchen police inspection, a 17-year-old unemployed person from the Urfahr-Umgebung district was found to be involved in a lively trade in addictive substances such as marijuana, hashish and speed, as well as his own consumption of the substances mentioned. The accused procured the drugs among other things by orders from the Darknet as well as by purchases from various, so far unknown dealers in Linz and resold them profitably to 25 persons, mostly young drug users from the Alberndorf and Gallneukirchen area.

The boy used the profit he made from this for his livelihood and for the recovery of various addictive substances. In some cases, he was supported in the execution of the crime by intermediaries who had also been investigated.

According to the investigations, he unlawfully put into circulation a quantity of about four kilograms of marijuana, 75 grams of hashish and 60 grams of amphetamine with a street value of about 45,000 euros.

In the course of a search of the house, which was approved by the court and ordered by the public prosecutor’s office, it was possible to seize and evaluate cash assets, which had been obtained from drug sales, as well as 20 packages of marijuana already prepared for sale in a total quantity of 380 grams, various narcotic drug paraphernalia, several mobile telephones and computers, which were used to commit the crime.

The accused partially confessed during the interrogation. In the course of the investigation, 25 drug buyers or consumers were investigated and reported to the public prosecutor’s office. The 17-year-old will be reported to the public prosecutor’s office. In the meantime, the seized objects including cash have been confiscated by the court.