Austrian Police: Up to 40 percent of drug deals on the darknet

01/05/2022Darknet News, Europe

More and more drug deals are taking place over the Internet or “darknet.” The police now assume that almost 40 percent of all drug deals take place on the darknet. This also means that almost all drugs are present and in circulation in Vorarlberg.

It has long since ceased to be true that all kinds of drugs can only be found in big cities like New York, London or Berlin. “We in Vorarlberg are not a holy place either,” says Peter Gruber, head of the Narcotics Department at the State Criminal Police Office. “Also because of the Internet and the Darknet, we naturally already have the problem that almost all drugs are found here in Vorarlberg,” Gruber says. Here, too, where there is demand, there is also the corresponding supply.

An overview is provided by the state’s wastewater monitoring, i.e. the examination of wastewater treatment plants in Vorarlberg. It shows that the legal drugs alcohol and nicotine are consumed the most. Among illegal substances, cannabis is the most frequently consumed drug. It is followed by cocaine, amphetamines, i.e. stimulants, and synthetic drugs such as ecstasy.

Gruber estimates that between 30 and 40 percent of drug deals take place on the “darknet.” All other deals take place in person on the street or at other meeting places. In Vorarlberg, there are currently six police officers working exclusively in the drug milieu. In addition, there are specially trained officers at all stations. Again and again, dealers are arrested, but the problem is not then off the table. “Of course, whenever one is arrested, the next one will step up,” Gruber says.

A complete overview of how many drug dealers the police have arrested will be available in February. That’s when the Ministry of the Interior publishes its annual report.