Australian sentenced to 6 years for selling MDMA on the Darknet


Since pleading guilty to spreading MDMA on the dark Web, an Australian man was sentenced to jail. In Victoria’s County Court, Paul Rodgerson, 42, of Melbourne, Victoria, was convicted for his involvement in a drug trafficking ring that sold MDMA and ecstasy pills on several darknet markets, including AlphaBay and Dream Market, stamped with a “Flying Kangaroo” logo.

The FBI reported that more than 3,130 pills were sold by Rodgerson and his partner Robert Olczyc to more than 72 different buyers and received more than $32,000 from the sales. Rodgerson and Olczyc were working from a Moorabbin, Melbourne, warehouse. For its drug trafficking activity, the duo used the factory as the production, storage, and distribution centre. The pills were developed by Olczyc while Rodgerson handled the vendor accounts and processed the orders of their purchasers.

On November 23, 2016, the Australian Federal Police raided the plant. The raid resulted in the seizure of 200 ecstasy pills, 300 grams of MDMA hidden in DVD cases, $15,000 in cash, and MDMA and ecstasy pill equipment used by the pair. The raid also resulted in Rodgerson and Olczyc being arrested.

Olczyc pleaded guilty to MDMA importing, trafficking, and manufacturing and was sentenced in October 2019 to nine years and eight months in jail.

At first, Rodgerson denied being involved in the operation and declined to give his mobile devices access to the police. He later pleaded guilty to four charges, including trafficking in a marketable quantity of MDMA and possession of drug-producing substances and equipment.

On February 18, 2021, Rodgerson appeared for his sentencing hearing in Victoria’s County Court. Rodgerson was sentenced to six years and five months in prison by Judge Michael Tinney at the conclusion of the trial. The sentence also requires a total of three years and eight months without parole.