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What is c2bit?

c2bit is a general darknet card shop that offers credit cards from all around the world. It also allows you to sell your own credit card data on the site. c2bit offers no dumps or packs, only single cards. You can find the onion link for the c2bit Card Shop to the right of this article.

Before you register, note that you can switch the language of the site on the top right. Supported languages are Russian, English, Spanish, and Chinese.

Registration can be tricky, as the site currently only allows one total registration every 15 minutes. That means you will have to find an open time window. Your best bet is to repeatedly click the register button throughout the day – just re-try it from time to time, eventually you will get in. Once the registration is successful, you will be displayed a login password. This is the only item you need to login, there is no username or any other data so make sure to note that login password down.

Once you are signed up, you have full access to the card shop. You will notice that your initial account balance is 0.01 USD. That is so you have instant access to the credit card search function; with zero balance you are not able to use that feature so the c2bit staff boosts every new account with one cent so that all features are available. To deposit into your account you can either use Bitcoin or Webmoney.

The search function has an auto-complete feature: Enter 2 symbols of the searched object and you will see nearly 10 possible variants. By adding letters to your search you will narrow down the search. If you know exactly what to look for, input the word and wait until it is on the list. If it does not happen, it means the service does not contain the requested object.

c2bit also offers an auction every hour during the 24 hours each Monday. The prices will be cut on the second minute of every hour. For example, the initial price for auction cards is identical. The price will be cut every hour, but the final and the lowest price is unknown. Auction cards are non-refundable. You can find these cards either with “load” filter or the valid rate. All the sellers participate in the auction. You can find the saved search “auction” in the list of your saved search options.


Security Recommendations

Same as with all darknet sites the usual security recommendations apply. Most importantly: stay anonymous. Use the TOR browser only and don’t use the TOR browser for any regular (non-darknet) browsing.

Before visiting the site with the TOR browser, you should switch off JavaScript (Options -> Privacy & Security -> Security Level -> Switch to “Safest”). c2bit is explicitly designed so that you don’t need JavaScript which allows you to increase your security by switching it off.

Ideally, you have a dedicated system or at least a dedicated VM for all your darknet activities. Keep your darknet PGP keys and other credentials limited to that system only, do not mix it with any activities that would expose your identity.

Treat your dedicated system like a work-system: Only install the software necessary for your operations do not install anything for entertainment or other purposes. Subsequently, resist the urge to browse Twitter, Reddit or any other social media sites while you have downtime. For this always use your regular system.

For additional system security, we recommend you run a secure operating system like Tails or Whonix on your dedicated system for darknet activities. We also recommend using a VPN as an additional security measure since TOR will only anonymize your browsing sessions but not other traffic.

Especially when using any public WiFi hotspots you should always use a VPN when accessing the Internet since you don’t know whether the access point is compromised. A VPN ensures that all of your traffic, no matter what application, will always be strongly encrypted when passing the access point, this protecting yourself not only from eavesdropping but also possible identity theft.

c2bit Summary

c2bit is a great card shop for singles with a powerful search function. Additionally, if you want to sell credit cards, you can do so by giving a 10% commission to c2bit for each sale. Sellers have access to their own administration panel. As always, when visiting any darknet vendor shop make sure to only use trusted links, such as the onion link for c2bit on the top right.