SLILPP has already been open for 7 years which is 7 times longer than many short-lived competitors on the darknet. SLILPP currently offers several million accounts for most popular network services. The key ones are as follow:

PAYPAL Different countries and sorting according to your most sophisticated requirements are also presented. Account prices range from 0.3$

AMAZON The most popular online auction, new accounts are always in stock sorted by Gift Balance / last order/ order availability. Accounts prices starting at 2.5$

WELLS-FARGO Sorting data by any criteria is also available. The price begins from 2$. Attention! Wells Fargo began to request SMS/Phone verification (2FA). So, SLILPP does not guarantee access to online banking service.

SUNTRUST South USA bank. Accounts with access to online banking. At the moment its quite rare, but you can still find it on SLILPP. Prices start from 3.5$ per account

OTHER SHOPS A huge section with all possible services / shops / banks / service operators, etc. Over 8.000.000 million of accounts to any taste! More than 300 up-to-date services with prices ranging from 0.1$! Most detailed information check, daily replenishment, a large valid rate of accounts.

A wide variety of USA/CA bank accounts is always available for you in SLILPP shop. We have arranged them into 4 levels depending on the completeness of account info for your convenience. The 1st level accounts are sold for a fixed price. Prices for level 2-4 accounts depend on the sum of accounts balances. You can choose a desired bank accounts level using the Bank level option. In case if the actual account information does not match the claimed account level you have the right for a full refund.



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