Tochka Market

Tochka Market (formerly known as Point) is a darknet market that embraces the idea of freedom for all.

Their expression of this comes in the form of keeping their site and app source code freely available to anyone, and allowing any user to become a vendor at any time without giving the market collateral. Additionally, for the programming-inclined, Tochka offers a REST API for interacting with the site automatically.

Free-tier vendors on Tochka market have a larger commission taken by the website, and are limited to a total of 5 listings overall.

Tochka has a zero-tolerance policy towards scamming, and their support is available 24/7 to deal with vendor disuputes and problems with merchandise.

To further prove that Tochka has their users freedom and safety in mind, Tochka has partnered with DNMAvengers, the community of which frequently tests products suspected of containing additives that may be inactive, or even unsafe to consume.

As far as safety in conducting business goes, Tochka also offers a 7-day escrow system and multi-sig payments for trusted vendors who have filled in their multisig signer public key.

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