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Apollon is one of the largest - if not the largest - generic darknet market around. If you are specifically looking for drugs and medications, there may be better options. But Apollon is for you if you want to browse the marketplace with the largest portfolio: Apart from drugs you can find credit card datasets, accounts of all kinds, PII (including scans of official documents), malware, hosting - you name it, you'll find it on Apollon.

Apollon is also one of the few markets where the UI is available in several languages: English, German, Italian, French, and Polish. You can easily switch the language from the menu. The accepted currencies on Apollon are Bitcoin, Monero, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash as well as US Dollar.

The wide range of products does not mean you can sell anything on this site, Apollon prohibits the sale of certain items such as firearms, explosives, CP, all kinds of Fentanyl as well as assassination requests. Other than that, you will find about anything else the darknet has to offer on this site.

To ensure trust, Apollon has a rating system for buyers as well as sellers (Trust and Seller levels). This will increase by making successful sales or purchases and a decrease for any kind of dispute. Additionally, Apollon employs a standard escrow system: Funds are withheld by the site until the buyer has received the product. This ensures that even new sellers can offer risk-free items since they are not able to scam the money.

Escrow & FE system

Once a listed item has been purchased, the seller has 72 hours to mark the item as shipped. If that does not happen, the order will be canceled automatically and the buyer gets a refund. Once an order has marked as shipped, the buyer can either finalize the order (if he received it) or extend the order (for instance if the seller notified the buyer of a delay). Lastly, the order can be disputed if it is not received which will decrease the seller's trust level. Now that if you want to mark an order as a dispute you will have to do that manually within 14 days of the purchase or the order will finalize automatically.

Vendors who have successfully sold 200 items without any disputes can apply for so-called “FE listings” (Finalize Early). This allows a seller to bypass the escrow holding period. Obviously this privilege is only available for the most trusted vendors who have proven to run no scams. In addition to the 200 minimum successful sales the seller also needs to have a feedback rating of 90% or better to qualify for Finalize Early offers.

Every offer on the Apollon market is either market “Escrow” or “Finalize Early”. Also, everyone can check whether a vendor is qualified for FE-listings by checking their profile page. But keep in mind that only because a vendor has FE priviliges it does not mean that all his offers have to be Finalize Early: Any vendor can still offer sales via the escrow system.

If you want to buy a certain item that is listed as “Finalize Early” but you'd rather trust the escrow system, you can contact the seller: Usually they will make a custom offer for you where you can buy the same item but utilizing the escrow system.

Before engaging in extended buying and selling be aware of the limitations of darknet sites: This is not amazon, do not expect fast deliveries - be patient. If you believe you are getting scammed, always try to get in touch with the seller or buyer first before opening a dispute - often times there is a simple reason for a delay or it is possible that the buyer or seller was not reachable for a couple of days. Making sure to only use the dispute system when there are no other options left also guarantees that the support staff does not need to waste time with issues that could have been easily resolved by communication between the buyer and seller.

Security Recommendations

Same as with all darknet sites the usual security recommendations apply. Most importantly: stay anonymous. Use the TOR browser only and don't use the TOR browser for any regular (non-darknet) browsing. Ideally, you have a dedicated system or at least a dedicated VM for all your darknet activities. Keep your darknet PGP keys and other credentials limited to that system only, do not mix it with any activities that would expose your identity.

Treat your dedicated system like a work-system: Only install the software necessary for your operations do not install anything for entertainment or other purposes. Subsequently, resist the urge to browse Twitter, Reddit or any other social media sites while you have downtime. For this always use your regular system.

For additional system security, we recommend you run a secure operating system like Tails or Whonix on your dedicated system for darknet activities. We also recommend using a VPN as an additional security measure since TOR will only anonymize your browsing sessions but not other traffic.

Especially when using any public WiFi hotspots you should always use a VPN when accessing the Internet since you don't know whether the access point is compromised. A VPN ensures that all of your traffic, no matter what application, will always be strongly encrypted when passing the access point, this protecting yourself not only from eavesdropping but also possible identity theft.

Apollon Summary

Apollon is one of the best darknet shopping sites if you just like to browse a wide variety of products. Since it offers a customizable filter you can search for specific entries in every category. The escrow and trust system provides enough security to recommend this market with no reservations.

Apollon also has surged in popularity recently - every day more vendors join the site and offer their portfolio of products. So especially if you look for items that you can't find anywhere else, the Apollon market should be one of the sites to go to.


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