List of Fraud and Carding Telegram Groups

A collection of the best and biggest fraud and hacking related Telegram channels. On these channels, you will find many free carding tutorials, hacking tools, BINs and more! 

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Dark Carding Kingdom

Dark Carding Kingdom is one of the leading carding related Telegram groups, offering an extensive collection of carding guides and tutorials. Here you can also find information on phishing pages, bank drops and even private BIN lists.

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Blackhat Crew

Blackhat Crew is a hacking related Telegram group that offers an extensive collection of cracking and hacking tools, phishing pages and other goodies. If you’re looking to build up your arsenal and develop advanced hacking skills, this is the place for you. Blackhat Crew posts new hacking tutorials EVERY DAY.

This is the main Telegram group for spamming and phishing tools.

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Royal Empire

Free Hacking Tools Every Single Day, Cracked Accounts Giveaways Weekly, Premium Leaked Tools

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Hacker’z World

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