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Dashboard Frequently Answered Question

Q & A
1. What is DNStats

A tool to check the quality of Darknet Websites. You can see the history for selected sites, a snapshot of the homepage as an image and some stats.

2. Why do it

I was always seeing people wanting to know when a site went down, how long has it been down and when did it come back up, so I made a tool you can freely use.

3. How does it work

There are background tasks that are collecting information that is collated and then presented for you.

4. Can I make a suggestion

Of course, throw me an email

5. Can I donate

Yeah: send me some BTC 1DNstATs59JANuXjbpS5ngWHqvApAhYHBS to help with hosting and development. I will put you on donators list and give some perks.

6. What timezone are the times

The current server timezone is: UTC15:35:05 GMT

7. How accurate are your stats

This is the best I can do for now. I will implement more sources to test from so we can have a better accuracy for the stats (London, NYC, Australia etc). until then, use this as a guide.

8. where is your privacy policy? 9. What is your PGP Public key?
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